What was it like when Jesus returned to heaven?

Have you ever thought what it was like when Jesus returned to heaven? Maybe it went something like this.

Angel 1 Jesus, it’s wonderful to have you back with us. So, what happens next?
Jesus What do you mean?
Angel 1 Now that you’ve restored the relationship between your Father and his creation by your death on the cross, how is this going to be made known to throughout the world?
Jesus I’ve left that responsibility with my disciples.
All angels You’ve done what?!!!
Jesus When they receive the Holy Spirit they will be empowered to make known my Father’s love to the ends of the earth.
Angel 2 But Peter rushes in where we fear to tread AND he denied you three times!
Angel 3 Matthew was a tax collector and we all know what they’re like!
Angel 4 Simon was a terrorist.
Angel 2 Thomas doesn’t know what he believes!
Angel 4 James, John and Andrew are – just fishermen.
Angel 2 Half the time they didn’t have a clue what you were talking about!
Angel 3 And where were they when you needed them most?!!
Angel 1 So what is plan B?
Jesus There is no plan B.
Angel 1 I don’t believe it!

Angels leave, grumbling among themselves.