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Angels and Angles

We were taken into a calssroom in Zambia, It was obvious that the class had been studying geometry. There, on the wall, was a chart all about the properties of angles, but, unfortunately, all the way throuth the chart the teacher had mis-spelt the word ‘angle’, instead he or she had written ‘angel’.

So we discovered that;

90 degrees makes one right angel!

If the angle is less than 90 degrees that is an acute angel!

If the angle is greater than 90 degrees that is an obtuse angel!And then, at the bottom of the chart, it read, ‘and two right angels make half a revolution’!!!!!

That happy accident reminded me that there is some relationship between angels, messengers of God, those on whom the spirit rests, those who are the body of Christ, and revolutions, in the Church, in the community, and in the world.

God takes delight in those who are his sons and daughters. He will drink the fruit of the vine again when they, with him, have anabled the kingdom of God to be seen.

Read Mark and Pray – the URC Prayer Handbook 1992