Slang For Money

Loot, lolly, dosh, smacker, bob, grand, monkey, pony, tanner, tenner, tilbury, score, Oxford, ‘alf an Oxford, Nicker or Quid, Readies (Nelson Eddy’s), Ton, Century, Skin Diver (or Deep Sea Diver or Sky Diver), Sprarsy Anna, Bullseye, Wicker Basket, Lady Godiva, Aryton Senna, Plenty, Thrifty, One-er, Mother Hen, Archer, Nugget, Plum, Squid, Cock and Hen, Wedge, Bottle, Carpet, Rofe, Jacks Alive, Tom Mix, Nevis, Poorly Fish, Pavarotti (tenor), Rocket, Commodore, Nifty, Bag of Sand, Bernie, Jackson, Long ‘un, Bag (of sand), Dirty, Ching, Maggie, McGiver, Melvin, Browny, Edge Pence, McGarret, Bar, Alan, Spanner, Bobby Moore, Beer Token