Prodigals and Forgivenness

I’ve read the story of the prodigal son, Father, and I realise that, as far as you’re concerned, repentance is a joyful thing. We confess our sins and you throw your arms around us. Big party – great stuff! But, Lord, some of us are diseased with this guilt thing. We’ve grown up with it, we’re weighed down with it, we can’t get rid of it. Far from saying we have no sin, we don’t accept forgiveness when it’s offered to us. We need to come within the orbit of your fondness, Father – to know that the wanting of us is really real. We need to feel clean as well as being clean. Thank you for being so nice. Work a little miracle so we can believe that, as well as saying it. Then we shall have something to say to the ones who don’t connect their sin with you at all. Amen
By Adrian Plass (I don’t know where from as I was given this quote without any reference)