Nuns And Greed

There was a very fat nun who dearly loved her food. She was cautioned by the Mother Superior on the subject of greed. ‘Remember,’ she was told, ‘the Bible says that we are temples of the Holy Spirit, and therefore we should respect our bodies and show restraint.’
For a while the lesson apparently went home and it was noticed that the nun ate much less than before. But then, alas, it became obvious at meal times that she was back to her former ways. Again she was on the carpet for a reprimand. ‘You seem to be forgetting what 1 said about being temples of the Holy Spirit sister,’ said her Superior.
With a beatific smile the nun replied, ‘Well, it was while 1 was praying the other day Mother, that 1 seemed to hear a voice that said, ‘Sister, you are not a temple of the Holy Spirit, you are a basilica.’