Now Stop For A Moment

I put my congregation through this exercise once to help them become more aware of the tendency of Indwelling Sin to blind and deceive us (and to illustrate why we all need to be open and respond more humbly to correction):
Close your eyes and picture someone you know who…
1. Has got a significant fault or area of self-deception.
2. You’ve tried to talk to them about it, maybe others have, but they don’t see it.
3. It’s not easy to talk to them about it, because of the way they react.
4. They haven’t begun to change, even a little (but why should that be a surprise they don’t even see their sin?)
5. You care about them, but you’ve become frustrated because of their hardness of heart.
6. Can you see this person?
Now stop for a moment and think…it’s quite possible someone in this auditorium is thinking about you.