I Am Neglect

I never was guilty of wrong actions but on my account lives have been lost, trains have been wrecked, ships have gone down at sea, cities have burned, battles have been lost, and governments have failed. I never stuck a blow nor spoke an unkind word, but because of me homes have been broken up, friends have grown cold, the laughter of children ceased, wives have shed hitter tears, brothers and sisters have been forgotten, and fathers and mothers have gone broken-hearted to their graves.
Who am I? I am neglect. We do not have to be against God to he in danger of the judgment. We simply have to neglect his offer of life in Jesus Christ. This is the nature of sin. And if, in effect, I say to God now, “Depart from me” is it unfair that God should one day reply “Depart from me: it is your decision not mine.” This is the essence of judgment: God gives us what we ourselves have chosen.
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