Four People Who Had Very Unusual Names

Once upon a time there were four people who had very unusual names. I’d like to introduce the people to you.
This is ‘Everybody”
Here is ‘Somebody’.
This is ‘Anybody’.
And last, I’d like you to meet ‘Nobody’.
At the time our story begins, Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody all lived together in the same house. They all got along well together and each did their share of the work. But one day there was a very important job to be done, and then the trouble started.
Everybody said ‘Somebody will do it’.
Now Anybody could have done it, but in the end Nobody did it.
Somebody became very angry and said ‘It’s Everybody’s job!’
But Everybody said ‘Anybody should have done it!’
Nobody knew that Everybody wouldn’t do it.
In the end, Everybody blamed Somebody because Anybody could have done the very important job, but Nobody did it.