Christmas Poem

The world imposes its way
governments do what they do
people get counted and taxed
taxes pay for the armies
the mighty hold sway over the meek

law-abiding Joseph does what he has to do
Mary also, in spite of her condition
no midwife comes with her
no old aunt to attend her
the birthing time is near

house of bread
surrounded by wheat fields
and pasture for sheep

carrying the promise
a messiah would come in his line
was Joseph the father?

An adopted child is truly of the line.
As good as blood.
sealed by love
love like epoxy
stronger than any bond
strong enough to carry the promise

a child is born
always a miracle
but this time more so
a birthing bed of straw
on a cold stable floor
did Joseph help
or did she manage, somehow, alone?

shepherds keep watch
on a nearby hill
the stars so brilliant
against the blackness
wheeling through the night

bright angel stands before them

the hair stands up on their arms
they fall on their faces afraid

but the news is good
great joy for all people
a Savior born
a baby
weak as a kitten
no bigger than a loaf of bread
in homespun wrappings
in a cow trough

Heavenly chorus
mighty blast
of music, Gloria, Gloria
peace on earth
what is that?

shepherds run, run
sheep left asleep
on the hill

must go
must tell
must make it known
must worship

Mary pondered
what did this mean?
Did she know
that her soul would be pierced
that she would watch
her son die
to save the world?
Did she try
without success
to keep him safe?

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