A New Perspective For Mums

The video starts out with a few mothers critiquing their job as mom. Some of their statements: “I struggle with my temper,” “I wish I was better at taking time to sit down and just listen more to my child,” “I wish I was more confident in being a mom,” and “I’m not the most patient person in the world.”
Then, a couple of days later, the same mothers are brought back in to watch a video. This time it’s their kids who get to do all the talking. The children were asked what they thought of their moms, and they responded, “My mom is totally awesome,” “She does cook a lot of food for me,” “She loves me a lot,” “I have a lot of favorite things about my mom,” “She is like my heart … because she is that close to me.” The mothers’ reactions to the heartfelt words are equally touching.